Global Warming vs. Climate Change – My Take

I am not sure that anything man has done, is doing or can do will really make much of a difference. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems sure that she has become an expert on the subject and that by Americans making huge changes in the next 12 years (only in the United States) then the world can survive beyond the next 12 years or else the world will end. Again, what do I know?

The Amazing T-shirt - An Interesting blog post

The Amazing T-shirt - An Interesting blog post

Many people wear the t-shirt today without any regard for its history, influence and brand recognition possibilities. The t-shirt has become a powerful tool that even the smallest business can use.

Drink your coffee or tea in style!!!

There are many ways to express yourself, show off your style and personality. One way is with coffee cups that are beautiful, fun or horrific!

Products that solve problems

Providing problem solving products that really do solve problems!